Account activation

In order to create proposals or vote on proposals, users must be signed-in application via EE and account has to be activated. There are 2 ways to activate your account, via Discord ID or via KYC.

To activate your account, please follow this guide:

To activate your account via, please continue here:

    • If your DID is not yet KYC verified, click OK and you will be taken to which will guide you through the KYC process

    • If you are already KYC verified, please continue with step 3.

  1. After you KYC verified, click on Activate again

  2. Click Provide credentials in the dialog above

  3. Select relevant credentials in EE and confirm with password

  4. Your account is activated and you will be able to Vote on proposal and Create new proposal

Please note: KYC service itself is done by 3rd party service and Passport is required

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