Create new proposal

Users who activated their account are able to create e-lab proposal and must follow these steps:

  1. Create a suggestion draft on Cyber Republic / Suggestions page (do not sign it yet with Elastos Essential)

    • Suggestion must include at least 2 milestones:

      1. Project Initiation Payment with amount

      2. Project Completion Payment with amount

  2. Send new message in 🌐 Projects / 𝐄┃e-lab channel on Official Elastos server about your new proposal and mention @Guardians role

  3. Guardians review E-Lab proposal and CR suggestion

  4. Guardians will:

    • ask proposer to adjust CR suggestion if needed

    • deny the proposal if:

      • doesn’t contain necessary information

      • doesn’t comply with E-Lab Rules

  5. Once proposer and Guardians agree on the final proposal and suggestion wording, the proposer must sign CR suggestion so it can not be altered in the future.

  6. Guardians will approve E-Lab proposal

  7. The proposal will appear in Community Proposal tab on e-lab and will be waiting for next voting period.

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